A user writes from Hamburg on May 31st, 2008:

As already mentioned, by telephone, I have drawn the following benefits from your program:

My experience was that the Internet offers a series of free programs for financial management and I have tested about 7-8 of them. At first I was also convinced that I would not pay the 29 € for your program, since plenty of free programs are available.
During my use of your tool I came to the conclusion that it is significantly outstanding in comparison to the other programs and I cannot imagine a sound financial management without this calculator anymore. The other programs which I had tested, were not nearly so self-explanatory and detailed as the one you offer. Thus I finally became convinced to activate the program.

Since I started using the program, I had no need to face nasty surprises any longer, when once again annual payments or bills appeared in the mailbox. On the other hand, I could afford something unplanned with much less apprehension, because I knew my spending is "inside" the monthly budget. However, I am also convinced that it needs a few months to appreciate the full benefits of your program.

At first I was only looking for a tool to organize my current finances and to get an overview of my current status. Then I had to discover that it is an incredible relief, after maintaining the lists once a week, to always face an accurate financial picture.
I look forward to continue using your tool and would like to express my gratitude to you for the tremendous work that the tool certainly has made, and like to express my deep appreciation for the creation of a really sophisticated and perfectly tailored tool for the private user.

Should you be interested in other experiences I have gained with the tool, I am at your disposal.

Thank you and best regards from Hamburg

Sebastian F.

A user from the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria) writes on April 2nd, 2010:

Since 2004 I used a forerunner of this program which was available in the net many years ago .
I am thrilled of this new version.
It seems there isn't anything nearly comparable in the market and I could not imagine managing the finances of our family so well without this software.

Happy Easter and greetings from Bavaria

Georg S.

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